Yoga Revolution
Promoting the union of music and yoga to inspire a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to the Yoga Revolution™!
Two of the most amazing tools for shifting the vibration of an individual and the planet are the teachings of Yoga and the power of Music. Our mission is to share these with one another and to provide our children those same tools to help them face the challenges of the world they will inherit. Let’s join forces for a whole new kind of revolution – one that brings greater balance, harmony and well-being in a world that often feels like it is headed in another direction.

yo•ga (n) – union; a system for balancing mind, body & spirit

rev•o•lu•tion (n) – drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving

Yoga Rev Album Cover Final

I Am by Guru Singh feat. Seal & Friends
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FEATURED PROJECT: National Yoga Month 2012

National Yoga Month 2012September is Yoga Month and Yoga Revolution is the official CD of the national campaign promoting the health benefits of yoga. Join the Revolution, get a free music download and find out how you can receive a FREE week of yoga classes. Help support Yoga Health Foundation's effort to provide yoga and fitness programs for underserved youth.